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02.05.10 19 Comments

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci wrote Star Trek, Transformers 2, and got exec producer credits on The Proposal last year, and since, as AC/DC teaches us, money talks, they now have roughly 8 billion other projects in development.  The latest today is that they’ve been hired to develop a movie adaptation of Locke & Key, a graphic novel by Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill. From Latino Review:

Set in a cool Massachusetts village called Lovecraft, the padre of this familia is murdered and the three kids and mom relocate to their estate, Keyhouse.  Turns out the house has many rooms that cannot be opened except by special keys. And scary ass forces in the house start speaking to the padre’s killer and sending him to Lovecraft to finish the job.

Meanwhile, this is just days after the announcement that Kortzi were getting a three-year development deal with Fox TV.  Those guys.  Living the life, right?  Their lives must be one big party.  I like to imagine Orci riding around on Kurtzman’s shoulders, laughing and an eating ice cream cone while Kurtzman tries to fly a kite, a trio of lab puppies playfully nipping at his heels.

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