LA Film School Can Hook You Up at the Apple Store, Brah

12.09.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

As a person shelling out enough in loan payments every month to afford multiple awesome cars, the subject of institutions of higher education promising more than they deliver is one near and queer to my heart.  Everyone knows art school students generally end up as baristas, record store clerks, and Whole Foods cashiers, but it takes a rare school to actually claim those alumni as success stories.

According to a lawsuit filed in L.A. Superior Court, students [at the Los Angeles Film School and Los Angeles Recording School] pay $18,000 to $23,000 in tuition to receive 900 hours of instruction from an accredited school. The two schools, which offer students training in the technical aspects of content development, are said to maintain career development departments that manage “a curriculum designed to prepare students for the pursuit of internships and entry level employment.”

The plaintiffs claim, however, that they didn’t receive 900 hours of instruction and that the schools attained accreditation only after manipulating their job placement rates. Specifically, the schools are alleged to have offered students gift cards to Target and Best Buy if students signed self-employment forms and misrepresented sales clerk positions at Apple and Guitar Center stores as “creative positions.” [Reuters]

Bwahahahaha.  Meanwhile, Arcade Fire might have to return a portion of their record proceeds gained through ill-gotten Best Buy gift cards for aspiring-filmmaker Apple Store clerks.  For their part, the LA Film School says they’ll stop pretending working at Guitar Center is a creative position when the New York Film Academy stops pretending Brett Ratner is a movie director.

I’d love to see the alumni mag updates for bitter art and liberal art school graduates. “Today Jeanie Lopez-Jacobson sighed loudly and rolled her eyes when ringing up a yuppie for non-organic peas.”

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