Lady GaGa Drives The Hippie Van From Hell In The First ‘Machete Kills’ Clip

You know, a lot of people have said that Machete Kills, the sequel to the 2010 with basically the same plot, looks like an absurd, cartoonish version of a movie that was already absurdly cartoonish. But after watching this first official clip from the Robert Rodriguez film, due in theaters on October 11, I don’t know how anyone could say such things about a film that stars Lady GaGa as a psychopath driving an old VM van or especially Sofia Vergara as a pissed off hit-woman who fire bullets from guns mounted on both her breasts and crotch.

Absurd, you say? You must be looking in a mirror.

UPDATE: REDACTED. Sorry, studio says this clip wasn’t meant to be released yet. :-(

(Via CBM)