Peter Dinklage and Abed go a-LARPing in long-delayed Knights of Badassdom

Hey, remember Knights of Badassdom? Okay, maybe you don’t, but two Comic-Cons ago I saw a guy with a centaur costume with extra horse legs that moved along with his real legs, and another six-foot-six dude with a giant stuffed bear’s head, and I thought they were the best costumes I’d ever seen. Then I found out they were pros, hired to promote a comedy set in the world of LARPing and Ren Faires and lightning bolts, Knights of Badassdom.

Like I said, that was two years ago, and movies rarely age like wine. The film, from relative unknowns Joe Lynch (director) and writers Kevin Dreyfuss and Matt Wall, still doesn’t have a release date, but it does have a new trailer, starring Peter Dinklage, Danny Pudi (Abed from Community), Jimmi Simpson (McPoyle from It’s Always Sunny), Steve Zahn, and Summer Glau. It seems like weird stuff like this always happens to Steve Zahn movies, doesn’t it? What else do you say about a guy who’s been in Sahara, Strange Wilderness, *and* Daddy Day Care? If actors were half as superstitious as sailors, he’d have gotten his jinxing ass thrown overboard years ago.

It looks like they went the supernatural angle. I could see that making it difficult to get the tone right. If you’re into LARP movies, there’s a movie on Netflix called The Wild Hunt, where the LARPers start taking it too serious and it turns into a Lord of the Flies-type thing. I don’t know if I’d call it good, but it’s definitely one of those movies where you’re constantly saying “whoa, what the f*ck just happened?”

In this one, the terrifying villain is a pretty girl. That seems fitting.

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