‘Last Vegas’ is Grown Ups for Grandpas

If you like jokes about pills and old guys not knowing stuff, you’ll LOVE Last Vegas, about the above-pictured crew of late 60 and 70 somethings going to Sin City for Michael Douglas’s bachelor party. Talk about fish out of water! They probably can’t even see the shore! Because they’re SO OLD!

Classic exchange:

ROMANY MALCO: You know who’s staying in here? Fiddy.


ROMANY MALCO: No, 50 Cent!

MORGAN FREEMAN: 50 people are staying in here!?

ROMANY MALCO: As in Curtis Jackson?!

KEVIN KLINE: Ohhh right, from the Jackson 5.

Looks like you better bring a colostomy bag – for your sides!

And if you make it all the way to the end of the trailer, you can see that they ripped off the actors-side-by-side-with-their-younger-selves snapshots from Grown Ups, because only copying The Hangover would’ve been lame. As long as we’re ripping off Sandler movies, I would’ve gone with ” If pooping into a colostomy bag is cool, I’m Miles Davis.”

I’ll give them this, that kid does a pretty good DeNiro impression: