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11.13.09 24 Comments

From the writer of Slumdog Millionaire comes Leap Year.  Amy Adams wants to marry her long-term boyfriend, Adam Scott, only he’s kind of a fruity gaywad, so she goes to Ireland.  But on the way there (*RECORD SCRATCH*) hijinks and cultural misunderstandings ensue.  Then, while she’s chasing what she thought she always wanted (*CAR SCREECHING TO A HALT*) she finds love in an unexpected place (i.e., in a really handsome guy who just showed up all of a sudden, and they didn’t like each other at first, but then they kept being forced together, almost as if it was fate…).  But just when she thinks she’s found happiness with her new guy, the free spirit who changed her whole perspective on sh-t (*DOUBLE RECORD SCRATCH*), her boyfriend shows up and pops the question.  Boy, I hope all this happens in the first five minutes before a pterodactyl attack, because otherwise, they just told you the entire movie.

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