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09.15.08 36 Comments

According to Spike Lee, Spike Lee isn’t feuding with Clint Eastwood anymore.  Reports DeadlineHollywoodDaily:

Lee tells The New Yorker [though I can’t find the New Yorker story –Ed.] that he ended the feud during a Lakers game during the recent basketball season. He saw Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg, and Eddie Murphy sitting together, so he went up to Spielberg and said, ” ‘Steven, it’s over with Clint Eastwood.’ Steven laughed and said, ‘I’ll call Clint and tell him in the morning.’ I said, ‘It’s over.’ He said, ‘Good.’

Hmm.  I’m not sure how feuds work, but I don’t think you can end them just by telling random people it’s over.  But then, things work differently when Spike Lee is involved, because as Spike Lee knows, Spike Lee is a great man. Oh yeah, and he kind of maybe sorta dissed Judd Apatow too.

During a break from scoring his new film with Terence Blanchard, a Sony Pictures Studio employee approached carrying a cardboard tube that contained a poster of Miracle at St. Anna and asking the men to sign it so it could be mounted in the hallway next to posters for other movies whose scores had been recorded there. ” ‘Yeah, O.K.,’ Lee said, brusquely. He added, ” ‘Don’t put us next to Judd Apapoe [sic], whatever that guy is,” Lee interrupted. ‘We gotta be next to Spielberg and Williams!’ “

Good one, Spike.  It always hurts more when you pretend to not know the other guy’s name.  Though I think Judd Apapoo, or Pud Crapatow, or Mud Flapatow, or Johnny Appleplow would’ve zinged him way harder.

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