LEGO May Have Spoiled The Villains In The Avengers

Two weeks ago, LEGO unveiled some samples of its upcoming Marvel series toys, including the highly-anticipated X-Men and Avengers sets, based on the successful comic books and film franchises. Even Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth showed up to the International Toy Fair in New York City as part of their contractual obligations love for their biggest roles, and they played with some of the toys while geeks snorted and snarfed.

Today, LEGO has officially unveiled a number of images that finally show us what LEGO Captain America and LEGO Thor look like, and a lot of people were quick to point out that the toy images – based on the upcoming mega summer blockbuster film – spill the beans on who or what director Joss Whedon had secretly chosen to be the film’s main villains.

Big deal, I still can’t find a damn elbow piece to finish my Robin Hood castle from 1988.

Now, for the last year, popular fan theory has held that the attackers were the shape-changing race of aliens known as the Skrulls… When I first saw these images, I though I finally had confirmation that the invading force was actually going to be a totally different alien race: The Kree. (Via EW Pop Watch)

Well that’s definitely some insightful nerdery right there. Oh, what’s that? There’s more? Then geek on, brave warrior.

However, fellow EW comics enthusiast Kurt Christenson offers a counter-theory: “Honestly, I think they’re Atlanteans. In Avengers #4 they fight Namor, and there’s the whole connection to him finding Cap, which could set off the whole chain of events. Even Joss Whedon was quoted as saying ‘Who said they were aliens?’” Further bolstering the case for Atlanteans, EW visual guru Jef Castro reminded us of the easter egg in Iron Man 2 that seemed to show Atlantis on a map.

*stares blankly, hits asthma inhaler, types 80085 on Texas Instruments graphing calculator*

But more interesting than that are the up-close-and-plastic shots of the as-yet undefined bad guys helping Loki in his dastardly plans. Some have suggested the Atlanteans, but we sincerely doubt that; others suggest that the Skrulls are the baddos, despite official confirmation to the contrary.

Whatever they actually are, they seem to be almost reptilian and/or robotic, which would fit (in a way) with what we saw in the trailer, in terms of (the big bad who could well turn out to be) Fin Fang Foom. (Via Empire)

So I guess the moral of the story is LEGO may or may not have spoiled who the invading army is comprised of, based on some toys that vaguely look like characters from a comic book series. Might as well just release the movie now, because this thing is ruined.