The Lego movie looks… surprisingly not terrible?

When we first heard Warner Bros was making a Lego movie, we more or less assumed that it’d be getting the Smurfs/Yogi Bear/Chipmunks treatment, where they take a beloved children’s property, render it in gross CGI, give it a Poochie the Dog makeover from the marketing department, and then watch the toys fly off the shelves as it rains cocaine. At the very least, “It’s about legos,” didn’t sound like the most intriguing basis for a script.

But now that the first teaser for The Lego Movie is here, it actually has more of a homemade, stop-motion vibe, and seems to have been constructed using recognizable comedic timing. Who knew? Credit Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord and whichever third world nation provided the sweat shop animation (I assume that’s how it works). Voice talent includes Chris Pratt from Parks & Rec, with lengthy exposition by Morgan Freeman, which is always a wise choice. That man’s got pipes made of sweet silk pumping velvet fondue. Whoa, I just gave myself a wordplay boner.

Anyway, I know these movies are aimed at little kids, but it’s nice when they give me something I can enjoy too while I’m there pickin’ up chicks.