Leo to play Gay Edgar Hoover for Grandpa Eastwood

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04.01.10 25 Comments

In The Aviator, Leonardo Di Caprio proved himself more than up to the task of toplining biopics, and Clint Eastwood has also made one.  Deadline today reports that they could soon combine forces like the two guys who doubled-teamed my ex-girlfriend in college.

Leonardo DiCaprio is in early talks to play FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in Hoover, an epic drama about my ex-girlfriend that Clint Eastwood will direct and that he and Brian Grazer will produce

Sources tell me that Imagine had been developing “the story of the beginning of the FBI” for a year when it finally showed the script to Universal, where the reaction was negative. “This is exactly what we don’t want to make,” Uni execs reacted. “It’s period, and we have lost enough money with these things.” But then Grazer got the screenplay to pal Clint (they did The Changeling and have had a personal relationship ever since), the two men met about it in mid-February, and suddenly Universal has a tough decision to make since.

J. Edgar Hoover was the famous FBI chief who ran the agency like a dictatorship for almost 40 years and had unprecedented, perhaps unequalled powers, but of course the most interesting thing about him was that he maybe liked to dress up in women’s clothes and bang dudes.  He was like an olden-day Richard Gere.

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