Leonardo DiCaprio Allegedly Snubbed Jordan Belfort

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04.10.14 3 Comments
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One of the biggest reservations I had about Wolf of Wall Street was that Jordan Belfort, the scumbag who wrote the book, got to have a cameo, and even worse, Leonardo DiCaprio showed up in a promo for his motivational speaking gigs, praising Belfort for his skills in training up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Which is basically like endorsing George Zimmerman for his gig training neighborhood watch leaders.

Well maybe he learned something since then, because now, DiCaprio is no longer speaking to Belfort, at least if this totally horseshit-sounding story is to be believed.

Jordon [sic] was dining at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel on April 3 with two movie producers, arguing about how the Oscar-nominated actor stopped returning his calls, despite a promise to help get Jordan’s acting career on track, according to America’s Star magazine.

“Jordan was yelling and really upset about the whole situation,” the spy says.

“He was saying how he spent countless hours with Leo to help him prepare for the big role, and in return, Leo has done absolutely nothing.

“Jordan is dying to better his acting skills and make money while doing it, and he figured that if he was good to Leo, Leo would be good to him.” [ShowbizSpy]

I would hope DiCaprio was embarrassed to have people dig up his Belfort promo and maybe even learned something from it, but nothing about this story sounds true. Belfort made his millions by convincing investors he knew what he was doing when all signs pointed to the opposite. The guy could use lessons on a lot of things, but acting isn’t one of them. Secondly, if you wanted golf lessons, would you ask Phil Mickelson, or someone who actually taught golf? If Jordan Belfort wanted Leonardo DiCaprio for anything, it would probably be for validation and swapping stories about sluts.

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