Lesbian Leias and Morning Links

08.24.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

(you can thank Paul at ScreenRant for the Lesbian Leias picture from Comic Con)


Five inevitable ways your social network will be ruined. |Uproxx|

Today in Uproxx News: Animals vs. Authorities. |UproxxNews|

Headline of the day: “Gulf Coast hit with Leno performance.” |WarmingGlow|

Gamma Squad compiles 15 pictures of Green Lanterns so I don’t have to. |GammaSquad|

Cee-Lo’s “F*ck You” is fan-effing-tastic.  |GorillaMask|

Let “The Pope” by Bun B molest your ear drums. |SmokingSection|

Pajiba has been watching Entourage for some reason.  NEEERRDS! |Pajiba|

Color photos of Russia from 100 hundred years ago.  Pretty amazing, actually. |Boston.com|

In case you don’t get enough of my gay ass voice on the Frotcast, here’s me discussing 2003’s Ned Kelly on the Notjustnewmovies podcast. |NJNM|

A preview of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. |G4|

An open letter to YouJizz.com. |HolyTaco|

Here’s some pictures of Gianna Michaels of Piranha 3D. *cough* she’s also a porn star! *cough* I recommend a Google Image Search! *cough, cough* |ScreenJunkies|

The 8 types of people in your fantasy football league. |Guyism|

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