Let Jason Bateman Tell You About All The Girls With Nipples In This New ‘Bad Words’ Clip

If you’ve watched the green band trailer for Bad Words, you probably think that it’s a harmless comedy about a 40-something dick who learns not to be mean thanks to a precocious child that he meets in a spelling bee. But if you’ve watched the red band trailer for Bad Words, then you know that all of the people who go to see it based on the PG quality of the green band trailer are going to be f*cking pissed when they see Jason Bateman teaching a kid about touching a prostitute’s breasts and telling Rachael Harris to shove her son back up her “sweatsock of a vagina.”

In this new red band-ish clip, Bateman’s Guy Trilby debates the adorable Rohan Chand about the existence of nipples on all women. If this isn’t one of the year’s best comedies, I am going to be more upset than the morons who see this thinking that it’s good, clean family fun.