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03.03.10 15 Comments

In her latest movie, Christina Ricci plays a sexy corpse, a role for which she’s been seemingly preparing her entire life.  It’s called After.Life (pronounced “After Dot Life”) and it co-stars Liam Neeson as the funeral director who communicates with the dead to help them transition to the afterlife.  If it seems that Liam Neeson is in everything lately, that’s because L Neezy ain’t allergic to cash money, y’all.   You may have also noticed that this borrows the premise of movies like the Sixth Sense and Ghost. Which only makes me imagine Liam Neeson ably straddling me as I work at the pottery wheel, his hands gently but firmly guiding mine as we form a giant penis made of clay.  I know what you’re thinking, and yes, Whoopi is there too.

(Aw, she’s about to cut him a slice of the pie she just made, that’s so sweet.  More girls should dress like this when they bake.)

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