Liam Neeson Taking Mel Gibson’s Hangover Role

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11.11.10 27 Comments

Liam Neeson has replaced Mel Gibson in The Hangover 2, after the latter was blackballed by the Hangover cast in the fallout from Pack of N-Words Gate.  To be fair, if he didn’t want to get blackballed, he probably shouldn’t have dressed like that. Neeson will play the role of “deranged tattoo artist” originally slated for Gibson, which makes sense, because Neeson brings a similar level of gravitas, and considering his recent movie choices, he’d probably lick the floor of a peep show if you gave him five bucks and told him you were filming it.

Director Todd Phillips recently spoke about Gibson’s firing to our buddy awkward Josh over at MTV, saying he was surprised by the cast and the public’s “lack of empathy”.  Mel figures it’s probably just something they learned from the wetbacks.

“I was surprised in some way by the reaction, because I think in some way we have, especially in Hollywood, empathy for people who have struggled with alcoholism.”
“We just had a long talk about it, I explained it,” Phillips said. “He certainly understood, you know. He wasn’t happy, but he certainly wasn’t upset, I mean, it just was kind of a bummer because I think he understood the intention of the casting and the role.”
Phillips told MTV that despite the actor change-up, the role has remained completely the same because Gibson was never intended to play a version of himself the way Mike Tyson did in the first “Hangover” film.
“It was very different. [Gibson] was coming in to add a little bit of weight to the situation that unfolds in Bangkok, so we just needed an actor that brings weight. I think Mel and Liam, and there are probably four other guys in that age range that sort of bring that gravitas,” he said.

That interview is after the jump, along with some “spoilery” pictures from The Hangover 2.  In any case, this certainly marks the first time in history an Irishman was hired for being the least racist.

[pics via TMZ. Take from them what you will.]

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