Liev Schreiber’s Had Enough Of These Space Zombies In ‘The Last Days On Mars’ Trailer

In The Last Days on Mars, Liev Schreiber and Elias Koteas are just a couple of astro-bros who have been working on Mars for too long and are ready to go back to Earth and see who won Big Brother. Unfortunately, two of their crewmates have a little side mission that puts all of them in jeopardy when one of them turns into a space zombie and starts spreading a virus throughout their little Mars house. So Sabretooth and Casey Jones have to not only protect the people who aren’t infected, but they also have to make sure the virus doesn’t get back to Earth.

Look, it’s not the most unique plot that I’ve ever tried to recap in one paragraph, but Liev Schreiber is pretty awesome, so I’ll give it a shot.