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10.09.07 81 Comments

Doug Liman (Go, Swingers) is set to direct Jake Gyllenhaal in Untitled Moon Project.  Liman co-wrote the script with John Hamburg (Along Came Polly) before Mark Bowden (Killing Pablo, Blackhawk Down) was brought on to rewrite. 

Loosely based on the space race among private companies, the movie revolves "around the private expedition to the moon and the race for lunar colonization."

That reminds me of the time when Poland wanted to send their astronauts to the sun.  They planned to avoid burning up by traveling at night! LOL silly Polacks! I also heard like a thousand of them screwed in a lightbulb one time! >:-D

Production will begin after Gyllanhaal finishes Brothers, his asexual love triangle movie with Tobey Maguire and Natalie Portman.  Liman’s working on Knight Rider for NBC and a movie called Jumper, which I really hope is about that one Third Eye Blind song. Omg they’re like the best!  

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