Lindsay Lohan and Woody Allen star in ‘Hilarious Combinations’

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02.10.12 13 Comments

Getty Images, via BestWeekEver

I can’t stop looking at this picture. The ‘random combinations of celebrities’ thing shouldn’t be that funny because it happens all the time, but this just looks like one of my Vince Vaughn Photoshops. BWE reports that it came from the amfAR Gala (and that Lindsay Lohan, believe it or not, is 25). Woody Allen is so old he still writes his scripts on a typewriter, you wonder if he even knows who that chick is, but something tells me his out-of-touchness with technology doesn’t extend to big-titted starlets.

amfAR, incidentally, is an AIDs charity. I’m assuming they just let anyone in there. That Lindsay Lohan can just walk around free and hasn’t yet been sentenced to do porno is a slap in the face of our entire society.

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