Lindsay Lohan Looks So Hot As Liz Taylor

At some point in the near future, Lifetime plans to air its original film Liz & Dick about the life and love of legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor. And I don’t have a date or time for the film, because it stars Lindsay Lohan, and the only way I’ll promote the viewership of something she’s starring is if it’s Mean Girls on TBS. But I’m sure there are people out there who are excited about this made-for-TV biopic, for which Lifetime released some new stills yesterday.

As you can see above, 26-year old Lohan looks just like the middle-aged Taylor; however, my memory of Taylor is hazy at best, so I’m just assuming that she looked like a haggard drunk 20-something in a poofy wig. Snark aside, the Pulitzer nominee at Seriously? OMG! WTF? is super pumped for this movie.

Lifetime released three new pictures from their upcoming telemovie Liz & Dick starring Lindsay Lohan and I can’t believe how much she looks like Elizabeth Taylor when the legendary actress was older. I can still see LLo in the wedding photo and Cleopatra one, but in the first one I only see Liz. It reminds of the time that Dame Elizabeth was on The Nanny. Isn’t it spooky how much the 26 year old looks like Dame Elizabeth when she was a senior citizen?

BTW am I the only one excited for this movie?


In other Liz & Dick news, Lohan was recently banned from the Chateau Marmont hotel that she was staying at during filming at the network’s expense, because she never left and ran up a ridiculous bill. And if that hasn’t endeared Lohan to the producers and guaranteed her another decade of success, she is also being accused of trashing the actual trailer that Taylor used while filming Cleopatra. How did Lohan even have access to that trailer, you ask? Because the producers paid $50,000 to rent it during production so Lohan could continue to trick her booze-addled brain into believing that she is actually still an actress.

The trailer was filled with priceless memorabilia from when Liz Taylor used the trailer herself — while filming “Cleopatra” in 1963 — but when it was returned to Alger after filming, she claims the thing was TRASHED.

According to Alger, the trailer was covered in cigarette burns, dishes and glasses were broken, and several priceless antiques were missing — including an old European rocking chair and a French telephone. (Via TMZ)

Speaking of Cleopatra, here’s Taylor as the legendary Queen of the Nile…

And now here’s Lohan as Taylor as Cleopatra.

Also, here’s Lohan’s co-star – I don’t know his name but I assume it’s Bryson or Steefen – complaining about her menthol breath.