Lindsay Lohan made her film crew strip

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07.31.12 17 Comments

Ugh, look, I don’t know why I’m writing about Lindsay Lohan either. It’s a slow news day, I guess. Anyway, TMZ’s got your latest Lindsay anecdote from the set of The Canyons, Lindsay’s movie with porn star James Deen and Bret Easton Ellis.

Lindsay Lohan was EXTREMELY hesitant to shoot a steamy sex scene for her new movie “The Canyons” last week — but we’re told, she quickly changed her mind … after the crew fulfilled an extremely unusual request.
Sources connected with production tell TMZ, the scene required Lindsay to go topless — but she was so uncomfortable with the idea of baring her bosom in front of the set’s 10-man crew, she asked them to strip down with her … to their boxers.
The crew was hesitant at first — but according to sources, they eventually obliged, stripping down and shooting the entire scene in their skivvies … and it all went off without a hitch. [TMZ]

Lindsay Lohan does some kind of boring toplessness every three months or so (whenever she runs out of money), so I can’t imagine what the hesitation would be. And I’ve heard this dumb anecdote about at least three other movies, so the request couldn’t be that unusual. Lindsay Lohan can’t even get a Lifetime original made without delaying production while she crashes her car, so I don’t know where she gets off making demands. If the crew stripped down to their boxers, it was only because they thought there was going to be a gangbang. (They would’ve gotten totally naked, too, but my cousin Frankie told me that if you just put your thing through that little hole in the front of your underpants while you do it you can’t catch anything).

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