Lisa Ann Took An OK State Freshman To The AVNs After He Name-Checked Her In A College Gameday Sign

Pictured above is porn star Lisa Ann and Oklahoma State freshman Matt McGann, who Lisa Ann took as her date to the AVNs over the weekend. They met on Twitter when McGann name-checked her in a sign on ESPN’s College Gameday, which read “Baylor’s defense has more holes to fill than Lisa Ann.”

To a porn star, that’s considered foreplay. So the two exchanged a few messages, and faster than you can say “Big Tit MILFs Crave Black C*ck starring Lisa Ann,” McGann was accompanying his new sugar mom to the AVN Awards in Las Vegas, where she won awards for “Hottest MILF” and “Best MILF Release” for MILF Revolution. (What did the AVNs do before American Pie?)

No word on whether McGann ended up scoring, but you’d think if anything had happened she would’ve tweeted pictures of it mid-coitus. Then again, he’s not doing the hoverhand in any of the pictures, so it couldn’t have gone that badly.

At the very least, he’ll have an awesome story to tell DTF Katie and that Asian Tri-Delt at the Sigma Cattle Stoplight Party, as long as Spinach doesn’t crash Black Steve’s mom’s Civic on the way there all cranked on whippits like last time. RIP, Spinach. RIP, Blowjob Stacy. If Matty McG did get his junk in some porn star strange, we know you’re up there somewhere high fiving. This is Brother Hero material for sure.

[hat tip: BroBible]