Listen To All Of The Different Voices Used For Rocket Raccoon In Recent Years

Before Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters and completely owned the box office this summer, a lot of people (*points to self*) had a really, really hard time trying to wrap our brains around the idea of a walking, talking, machine-gun-toting raccoon named Rocket. However, the Bradley Cooper-voiced animal ended up being one of the many things that people loved about Marvel’s ballsiest movie to date, and had some of us doubters watched any of the other animated versions of Rocket over the last few years, we might not have been surprised by this.

Fortunately, YouTuber “The GenerationWest” put together this “Comparing the Voices” supercut of Rocket’s many voices, so we can finally pick the one that is our favorite. Call me old-fashioned, but I’m still holding out hope that Morgan Freeman replaces Cooper in Guardians 2.

(H/T to Pajiba)