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11.30.10 10 Comments

David Lynch recently recorded (or whatever you want to call this) some music recently, because why not? It was either that or walk around LA with a cow again.  The clip above (via Buzzfeed) is the first of two singles available on iTunes through a British independent label, and it’s called “Good Day Today”.  I’d like to tell you whether or not it’s any good, but sadly, all I know about electronic music is that my local news anchor tells me that it’s very popular with “the gays.”
It does, however, seem to be based in some way on David Lynch’s Twitter.  Lately he’s been fond of quoting the Maharishi, but there was a time not too long ago when he’d say how inspired he was by all of your projects and tell you to have a great day, much like in the song.  On that note, here are some other actual David Lynch Tweets that we’d love to see adapted into songs:

This weekend I will be working with fire in the pink cookie.
If you’re planning to chop wood in the near future, @BestMadeCo makes the best & most beautiful axes.
I got the axe w/the white stripe & purple stain. It’s real pretty & super well made.
This weekend I’m going to try to find out if I’m connected to the moon.
I’m pretty sure I’m connected to the moon.
Someone asked if I liked wool as well as wood. The closest I’ve come to this is many times, I’ve felt like a sheep in today’s world.
I built a fish over the weekend. You?

And of course, my personal favorite, the one where he puts on a cowboy hat and reads the weather.  I don’t care what anyone says, Twitter is one of the best inventions ever, and it’s all because of people like David Lynch and Sly Stallone.  Would my life be somehow less rich without the knowledge the David Lynch is wearing a hat?  Yes, yes it would.

BONUS: This was directed by James Cameron!

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