Literally Every Comic Book Will Be A Movie

There’s a running joke – here and pretty much everywhere else, including Hollywood – that if a comic book exists, it will be turned into a movie. And this was proven way too true by the announcement at Comic Con 2011 that Minds Eye Entertainment, an independent production company in Canada that has made some quality films, was actually going to make a movie version of Captain Canuck, based on the 1975 comic book of the same name about the Canadian super hero.

One year later, Minds Eye is still dead serious, and a Canadian writing veteran has been hired to bring this incredible tale to the big screen for the entire world to appreciate.

Canadian screenwriter Arne Olsen is to adapt Richard Comely’s iconic masked crusader Captain Canuckfor the big screen.

The Captain Canuck franchise has been optioned many times over the years as a possible TV series or movie, most recently by Sinking Ship Entertainment. (Via THR)

Captain Canuck is the story of Tom Evans, a Canadian secret agent granted super powers by aliens in fictional 1993, when Canada is the most powerful country in the world. Like most super heroes, Canuck fought against various enemies that were aiding rogue nations in trying to take over the world. He was also eventually ripped off by Marvel Comics, when they introduced the Canadian super hero team Alpha Flight, but Canuck is indeed the original.

This clearly has the foundation to be one of the funniest movies ever made, if Minds Eye decides to go the goofier comedy route, although based on Olsen’s résumé (Cop and a Half, All Dogs go to Heaven 2, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Red Scorpion) I don’t have the first clue what to expect from this film. Other than it will be very polite.