‘Logan’ is my new favorite movie

06.24.10 8 years ago 31 Comments

You go to the movies these days, and you see a lot of far-fetched premises.  It seems like everything has to be ghosts and murders and car chases.  “Why, that doesn’t look like me,” you say to the sparkling vampires or CGI prostitutes. “Where are the 13-year-old kids with mundane dreams?  The families eating spaghetti?”

Logan is the antidote to these crazy Hollywood blockbusters. It’s about a kid named Logan who sees a movie (“The Job III”), and it inspires him to do something “a little crazy.”  That crazy thing?  Write HIS OWN movie!  That’s crazy, because as Logan points out, a 13-year-old has never made a movie before.  Plus, he’s not very popular.  “Pff, yeah right.  Like YOU could ever do anything cool!” the other kids tease.  But then Booboo Stewart shows up and tells Logan to believe in himself.  Suddenly, it seems things are going well.  Like Logan might, against all odds, make a movie.  But little did Logan know that his big brother would break up with a girl, and then tell Logan mean things and kick a lamp.  In his rage, he even throws a comforter off the bed. Then Logan cries.  BUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?  DOES LOGAN MAKE HIS MOVIE?  WHAT OTHER ADVERSITY MUST HE FACE?  WILL HE OVERCOME?  HELP ME, BOO BOO STEWART, YOU’RE MY ONLY HOPE!


This. Movie. Looks. Awesome. The twist? Spoiler alert: He grows up to become M. Night Shyamalan.

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