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03.09.10 34 Comments

Dane Cook recently took to Twitter and sparked a rumor that he might’ve auditioned for the part of Captain America.  Is it true, a joke, or just another brilliant way to get people talking about him?  Say what you will about his comedy completely lacking punchlines, he’s always been a great self promoter.  Here’s what he said (via /Film):

  • Im minus 7% body fat now, bones replaced w/lightweight scandium alloy! Had 2 get shredded 4 Captain America audition & standup tour.
  • @Marvel_Freshman r u really auditioning 4 Captain America? Dc: I did already. They might b goin young. I say go RDJr route-gimme the part!

Get it?  Minus 7% body fat?  It’s so hilarious and wacky, how does he come up with this stuff?  Hmm, though I seem to remember Louis CK going on a similar diet six years ago…  Meanwhile, a site called Hollywire is claiming that Joe and Kevin Jonas have also auditioned for the role.  Sadly for JoBro lovers like us, it’s an easy rumor to invent based on the fact that Disney owns Marvel, and I’m inclined not to trust a site that can write a sentence like “But its interesting to see what direction the highly potential hit film is taking.”  Yes.  Highly potential.  Indeed.  But if it’s true, I can’t argue with Marvel’s instincts.  I mean, look at this picture and tell me the first thing to come to mind isn’t “pinnacle of masculine perfection.”

Which JoBro is that, agan? Jake?  Simon?  Sneezy?  Queerbait?  I get them all confused.

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