LOL WUT? Vanessa Hudgens as Spider-Girl?

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04.23.10 17 Comments


Just yesterday it was rumored that Marvel plans to bring adaptations of their “third-tier” characters to the big screen, with smaller budgets of $20-40 million.  Today, the always accurate MTV UK (note: I have no idea whether MTV UK is accurate) brings the news, accompanied by a question mark in the headline, that Vanessa Hudgens is in talks to play Spider Woman.  I’d never heard of that character because I’m not a huge nerd, but apparently it is one, and not just a nickname for my stepmom.

A movie insider [ooh, a movie insider, you say?] stated: “The idea is for this to be a fun, comedic movie and Vanessa is perfect for the title role,”
They added: “Spider Woman is strong and sexy but in this case hilarious.Vanessa is apparently very interested in the idea.”

Well sure, that sounds like something that’s plausible. Which is almost the same as news.   But anyway, it is true that when I think “comedy”, I think “the 21-year-old girl from High School Musical who sent pictures of her P to Zac Efron.”  I can’t imagine a more gifted comedienne, really.  However, and this is a good rule of thumb, as a girl, your vag should never be hairier than your boyfriend’s chest.

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