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09.11.07 20 Comments

Jennifer Hudson of Dreamgirls has joined the cast of the Sex and the City movie.  She will play Carrie Bradshaw's assistant. 

And you can bet she'll put the ass in assistant.  Mmm mmm mmm, girl.  *does that side-to-side head thing that only black girls can do*  

It's simple politics. Once you have your base of crazy white bitches and their emasculated yuppie man friends locked down, you've got to branch out.  Naturally, the first thing they thought of was a voluptuous black.  And apparently Queen Latifah was busy. 

But wait a second, Carrie Bradshaw, a weekly newspaper columnist, has an assistant?  I'm the most important movie blogger in the universe, and I don't have an assistant. 

Unless you count my hangover, which doesn't so much assist as it does make me want to shit.   

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