Lone Ranger mastermind Jerry Bruckheimer in talks for Beverly Hills Cop 4

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09.16.13 21 Comments

Bruckheimer, using The Force to suck out Johnny Depp’s credibility.

There’s been news of a fourth Beverly Hills Cop movie going all the way back to 2008 when Brett Ratner was attached. Now, after a failed bid for a BHC TV show for CBS, Variety reports that The Lone Ranger‘s genius super producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who says Lone Ranger will eventually be looked back on as a “brave, wonderful film,” is in talks to come back to the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, a sign that “Paramount is serious about getting the project off the ground this time.”

And why not? I mean, a Detroit cop in Beverly Hills? This is just too good an idea to let die! Heck, they should make 10 movies.

Sources tell Variety that Jerry Bruckheimer is in talks to come back on as a producer of “Beverly Hills Cop 4″ after producing the first two installments.

Eddie Murphy and producer Shawn Ryan looked to have a shot at receiving a pickup for the “Beverly Hills Cop” TV pilot (a project Bruckheimer did not want a part in), but CBS balked, leading Murphy to go back to the studio with an idea for a new feature installment that “Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol” scribes Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec would write.

Bruckheimer’s return signals that Paramount is serious about getting the project off the ground this time.

Might as well try to bring Don Simpson back to life while they’re at it. Bruckheimer hasn’t made a good movie since he was alive. Or they could just go all in on hiring people who make me doubt the existence of God. Bring on Bruckheimer to produce, get Brett Ratner back in the director’s chair, Ted Nugent and Gene Simmons could play Taggert and Rosewood, with Tyrese Gibson in the Eddie Murphy role and Cam Gigandet thrown in there somewhere. Wouldn’t that be a banana in the tailpipe.

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