Awake Thy Greasy Sax Man, Lost Boys: The Thirst Trailer

05.28.10 8 years ago 22 Comments

For everyone wearing a wristwatch right now, I’d like you all to please take a close look at the long and short hands of your clock. If you look carefully enough, you’ll notice that at this exact moment it is time for Corey Feldman to cash some mother f–king checks. ShockTillYouDrop just posted the new trailer for Lost Boys: The Thirst and if you’re anything like me, you’ve just crapped into a paper lunch sac.

This time around we follow the Frog Brothers as they embark on a race to save humanity, blah, blah, blah, vampires be shoppin’. I’d love to overindulge you with a synopsis, but Feldman’s voiceover in the trailer is too good to rival. It’d be like showing up at Charlie Sheen’s house and competing to see who could verbally threaten his wife better. You’ll always lose.

“There is a nightcrawler… who’s created a new designer drug… the only problem is that it’s not a drug… it’s Ellen Degeneres vampire blooooood.”

Video after the jump:

Coming from someone who wrote a review on Lost Boys:The Tribe, there’s no way that I can’t not watch this when it theatrically releases accidentally gets added to my Netflix queue. Though with all do respect to the Lost Boys universe, there will still only ever be room enough for one set of Frog Brothers in my heart…and the pair I’ve fallen for really know how to rave the sh-t out of a YouTube video.

Special thanks to ComingSoon for the tip.

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