The Lowest Grossing Movie Of 2013 Only Made $72

While nearly everyone is going to be quick to celebrate and laugh at the movie that is considered to be the biggest bomb of 2013, others are taking a more positive approach to this year’s lesser-earning movies by pointing out the success of a film that most of us never heard of. Taking home the title of the lowest grossing movie at U.S. box offices this year, according to Box Office Mojo, is the British sci-fi film Storage 24, which earned just $72 in the US. The next closest film is A Perfect Man, which starred Live Schreiber, with $455.

Of course, it helps that Storage 24 only played at one theater in the U.S. this year, just as A Perfect Man only played at two. But it’s still nice to recognize the lesser-known films for the achievements, no matter how obscure they may be, especially when they look like this…

Also, I’d love to know which theater was showing The Package, starring “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren, for a whole week.

(Chart via Box Office Mojo, H/T to Coed)