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03.23.10 40 Comments

This is the trailer for Luc Besson’s Les Aventures Extrodinaire d’Adele Blanc-Sec, which looks basically like the French, female Indiana Jones (“Indiana” always seemed like a girl’s name anyway).  The trailer is all in French, but that hardly matters when pterodactyls are involved.

The film is the first in a projected trilogy of films based on the nine-volume series by French cartoonist Jaques Tardi. Set in 1912, Adèle Blanc-Sec is a reporter who, according to the AFM synopsis, “fearlessly battling crooks, corrupt politicians, demon worshippers and mad scientists” as “a 136 million-year old pterodactyl egg on a shelf in the natural history museum has mysteriously hatched, and the bird subjects the city to a reign of terror from the skies.” [via ThePlaylist]

That’s right, and did I mention a talking mummy?  Because that’s in there too.  And just when you’re like, “Wait, isn’t this a French movie?  What about the getting naked and smoking?”  BOOM!  She gets naked and starts smoking.


I’m a little rusty, but I believe “Blanc-Sec” is French for “Hair Diaper.”

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