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According to Yahoo News, Ang Lee's latest movie, Lust, Caution has picked up an NC-17 rating from MPAA.  The film's distributors do not plan to re-edit the film.  

The Motion Picture Assn. of America's ratings board cited the film's graphic sexuality for its decision. A source said too many of the film's sex scenes violated the ratings board's unwritten rules (like the number of allowable pelvic thrusts, for example) to make an appeal possible.

That's funny, just the opposite happened to me – my girlfriend gave our love making a poor rating because she said I violated her unwritten rules for the minimum number of pelvic thrusts.  Bitch.

Sources who have seen the film said it contains at least three scenes — one a long montage — featuring multiple acts of aggressive sexual activity in different positions. There's no full-frontal male nudity (the source of some NC-17 rulings when shown in sex scenes), but male-on-female oral sex, non-S&M restraints and several nontraditional sexual positions are depicted, conveying the aggression and emotional conflict between the main characters.

Bummer about the lack of cock, but seriously? "Nontraditional sexual positions"?  Doesn't this movie have Asian chicks in it?  Last I checked, they have a long history of having sex with octopi and playing ping pong without paddles. Who's the MPAA trying to protect these days?  I read in National Geographic that 85% of American teens have already seen Asian chicks do freaky shit on the internet, and the other 15% are freaks who go to church and don't watch TV during dinner.  It must be true. 

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