M. Night: ‘Twilight was a perfect movie.’

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03.29.10 23 Comments

"Who's the new guy?" "That's Pagoda Cullen. 300 years ago, I got stabbed in the stomach during a bar fight in Calcutta. He carried me to the hospital on his back."

As if Lady in the Water wasn’t proof enough that M. Night Pajamalawn has horrible taste, he also recently said this:

“I would’ve loved to be– I love the series, and Catherine [Hardwicke’s] movie, it was one of my favorite movies of that year,” he said. “Really, I thought tonally, it was a perfect movie. I called her up after I saw ‘Twilight’ and was like ‘That was amazing.’ So I’m a big fan.” [MTV]

So two kids with nothing in common other than being pale and seemingly unable to move their lips when they talk fall in love and stand around looking like they have heartburn for two hours.  That’s a “perfect movie?”  Sorry, I’m being unfair.  It also had vampire baseball and Cam Gigandet.

It’s quite possible Manny was just pandering because he was at the Kids Choice Awards, but MTV wondered if this means he’s campaigning to direct the next Twilight movie.  Which, by the way, is Breaking Dawn, the one with the vampire snorkeling and the super-powered, telepathic, half-vampire, adult-brained fetus delivered via vamp-teeth c-section, not to mention a werewolf-on-baby love story (the moral of the story being you can’t let ethnic wolves around your sparkling white babies because they’ll try to hump them).  And why wouldn’t he want to direct that?  His last few movies have been major flops, it makes sense he’d want to do something which is damn-near flop proof (unlike my wang).  An M.Night Shyamalan movie about CGI vampire babies — can you even imagine??

Possible spoiler alert: the telepathic vampire fetus was undead the whole time.

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