Macgruber has a new red-band trailer too

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04.01.10 10 Comments

Video: Exclusive: ‘MacGruber’ Trailer (Mature Audiences)

Well punth me in the cunth, today sure seems to be a popular day for trailers.  A few more of these and your mom might start hanging around here.  (Get it? Trailers?  Your mom?  Zing?)  Anyway, this is the latest red-band trailer for MacGruber (opens May 21st), which once sounded like a really bad idea, but based on early buzz, sounds like it might be pretty funny.  Amazing what a good early buzz will do for my mood, huh?  (Get it?  Early buzz?  Zing?)  Sorry, I’ve been drinking.

And no dude, I’m not pronouncing your name “FILL uh pee”.  This is one of the few times the French pronunciation actually sounds less silly.  You don’t like it you can go cry to Eye-an Ziering.

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