Mad Stunts, Yo: Channing Tatum To Produce, Star In Evel Knievel Biopic

Yesterday, we learned that producers Mike DeLuca and Dana Brunetti were taking command of the Fifty Shades of Grey film trilogy and women everywhere were like: “SPLOOSH”. With the success of The Social Network, which they co-produced, this duo is quickly turning into the hottest pair of producers in Hollywood. So it’s only logical that they’d team up with the hardest workin’, twerkin’, lay it down, flip it, and reversin’ it man in $how-nuff Bizna$ty, Channing Tatum, for a biopic about legendary stuntman Evel Knievel’s life.

According to THR, Tatum’s Evel Knievel story will be based on Stuart Baker’s book, “Life of Evel”, which covers the entire spectrum of the world record holding madman’s career, from his claims of more than 2,000 sexual conquests to blowing an estimated $60 million in career earnings.

A searching and at times harrowing re-appraisal of the life of Evel Knievel, Stuart Barker’s definitive biography captures the superstar status that Knievel held and also examines the originator of Xtreme sports–a man whose love of gambling, women and drinking, ensure his legend will live forever. Through meticulous reporting and interviews, Barker penetrates the legends to divulge the complete story of one of the most compelling Americans ever. (Via)

Dig it, I don’t need to point out for a fird, ford, or fiff time that Tatum is King Midas at the box office right now, so I simply reached out to my good friend C-Tates to get his take on how they’ll present this new look at the fabled stuntman’s career and life.

Yo girl, check it… Magic Michael Michael Motorcycle, turn the key and watch him CEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-TATES! YA BOY! IN DA MUTHA F*CKIN HIZZOUSE! Aw yeah, haters 2 da leff, cuz like mad peeps B like, Yo C-Tates, dat Beetle George Hamilton already done did him some Evel Canoli bullsh*t, but like yo dat dude B like 600 years old, right? So I’m thinkin’ like mad Kawasaki Ninjas n sh*t an like Beyonce plays each of da 2,000 boos dat I gets down wit. But yo, only 1 main boo in C-Tates crib, heard? I’mma make U my baby mama, Jenna D-1. Much love.