Madonna is an Oscar-winning director, obviously

The Weinstein Company has announced that they’ll be distributing the “HEY, P.A.! DON’T JUST STAND THERE, BRING ME MORE GLASSES AND ANOTHER SCARF! I AM A SERIOUS ARTIST!”

Madonna’s narrative feature directorial debut…

Actually it’s not, and keep in mind this quote is from the official Weinstein Co press release. Her first narrative feature was 2008’s Filth and Wisdom, which I haven’t seen, but the first two keywords on IMDB are “Gypsy” and “Female Sitting On A Toilet,” so it sounds pretty good.

Co-written by Madonna and Alek Keshishian, W.E. looks at the fabled romance between American Wallis Simpson and Britain’s King Edward VIII, who famously gave up the throne to marry the woman he loved. More than six decades later, their story enthralls a young woman named Wally Winthrop, who thinks she sees in their devotion a stark contrast to her own unhappy marriage – and an example to follow as she searches for the meaning of true love. The cast features Abbie Cornish, Andrea Riseborough, James D’Arcy and Oscar Isaac.

Ooh, it sounds like Letters to Juliet meets The King’s Speech!  I mean, not really MY cup of tea, per se, but Oscar voters are consistently captivated by the problems of the British aristocracy, whether they be stuttering or just standing around acting constipated looking like Judy Dench, and Madonna is great at fake British accents so this should be perfect.  Although something tells me the story of Edward the Eighth is going to make me long for the days of Henry the Eighth.