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08.27.09 23 Comments

The internet is all abuzz today about Madonna getting booed in Romania (where the “Borat’s village” scenes were filmed) supposedly for defending gypsies.  Yes, the same gypsies who stole Borat’s wife plow and touch his horse in very bad way.  Video is above, here’s what she said:

Does anyone know what layla palatootay means?  Yes?  Yes.  Yes?  Yes. Yes?  It’s Romany, for “the madness of love.” Yes.  Because what other kind of love is there?  But mad love.  Right?  Now, I’ve been paying attention to news reports and… it’s been brought to my attention that there’s a lot of discrimination against Romanies, and gypsies in general in Eastern Europe.  And that makes me feel very sad.  Because we don’t believe in discrimination against anyone.  We believe in freedom and equal rights for everyone.  Right?  Gypsies, homosexuals, people who are different – everyone is equal, and should be treated with respect.  Okay?  Let’s not forget that.

Despite what you may read on these other fly-by-night websites (like, say, uh… the Associated Press…), I don’t think it’s quite as simple as people booing her (and it doesn’t sound like too many actually booed her in the video) because of their Borat-like Gypsy hate.  For instance, maybe they booed her because she talks to them like kindergartners.  “And eating paste is very bad, right class?  Yes?  Yes?  Jimmy, what did we say about waving our penises in class?”   Or maybe they booed her because they weren’t sure if she was smart enough to know the difference between Romany (aka gypsy, a nomadic group thought to originate from the Indian subcontinent) and Romanian, and it seemed like a misguided attempt at pandering that ended with her calling everyone in the audience gypsies.  Or maybe they weren’t booing her at all, but rather saying “boo-urns”.  In any case, I think it’s safe to say that Madonna is a condescending bitch.

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