Maggie Gyllenhaal Is Joining 'White House Down'? We've Got Her Storyboard!

If you’ve been following our exclusive White House Down storyboards for the upcoming mega blockbuster starring Channing Tatum, then you know that we’ve been lacking one thing – a strong female lead. There’s a simple reason for that, too – it’s impossible to find a woman who can truly match the power that C-Tates displays on the big screen.

Did you see The Vow? Rachel McAdams couldn’t hold C-Tates’ burnt jock. Amanda Bynes tried to match him, too, and she’s batsh*t insane now. Well don’t worry about White House Down, friends, because Roland Emmerich has found C-Tates’ boo.

Channing Tatum was set as the Secret Service agent who tries to thwart a White House takeover, and Jamie Foxx is going to play the president. Now, Maggie Gyllenhaal is in talks to play the female lead. Shooting starts in August. (Via Deadline)

I am absolutely ecstatic that this movie is being fast-tracked because of Gerard Butler’s similar White House Taken, especially since it means that the storyboards are coming in from my anonymous source – who I picture with enormous breasts – even faster than before.

After the jump I’ve got the storyboard for Gyllenhaal’s introduction and the powerful performance that it inspires from C-Tates.


Featuring C-Tates as Agent Cole “Snoop” Baretta and introducing Maggie Gyllenhaal as FBI agent Synnamon D-Light.