Magic Mike Has An International Trailer Now

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05.18.12 12 Comments

"Yo, feel the vibrations."

The first official trailer for Magic Mike gave us insight into Channing Tatum’s titular character as a guy who shakes his beef stick for money but builds coffee tables because his heart tells him to. Now the official international trailer offers a little more insight into the incredible world of male stripping in the Sunshine State. Because as I can attest, Florida is full of nothing but wealthy, young, attractive girls and absolutely nothing else.

In this new trailer, we get to know Alex Pettyfer’s character, the Kid, a little better as he latches on to C-Tates and says that special phrase that all dudes say to each other: “We should be best friends.” Seriously, this movie looks more amazing with every new second of footage we witness.

I’ll go ahead and predict that Pettyfer’s character gets in trouble for kissing a customer and then he freaks out when C-Tates tells him he’s quitting to bang his sister full-time. I’m only guessing that because that’s exactly what happened to me when I quit stripping.

(Video via Coming Soon)

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