The Man Behind The Saddest eBay Auction Of 2013? Frank Stallone

New Year’s Eve can be a really stressful time for a lot of people, because there are so many decisions that need to be made in regard to how you spend it and the people you spend it with. I mean, do you want to limit yourself to a little get-together with some close friends and/or family or do you want to party like it’s going to be your last night on Earth with so many people, including liquored up and grossly horny members of the opposite sex?

The answer is neither. The way you should want to spend New Year’s Eve this year, as you bring in the promise of change and opportunity for 2014, is with a true music artist playing his own unique versions of the greatest songs ever written. And there’s no better music artist on this planet than – you guessed it – Frank Stallone. For just $20,000, one lucky party animal got to purchase Stallone’s services and talents for what would undoubtedly be the greatest New Year’s Eve party of the year, while also benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project.

So what lucky person won this incredible eBay auction?

Maybe aim a little lower next time, Frank.