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Marisa Tomei won a best supporting actress Oscar in 1992 for My Cousin Vinny, and was nominated again in 2008 for The Wrestler.  She’s been nominated or won virtually every acting award multiple times, and looked great naked at the age of 43 (I recommend a Google Image Search).  So what will an actress of her caliber be doing at this year’s Oscars?  I’m glad you asked.  She’ll be appearing in a commercial for Bertolli alongside Dan Cortese.

A Bertolli campaign carrying the theme “Italy is served” will be introduced during the broadcast; viewers will also learn about a series of Web videos, “Into the Heart of Italy,” to be shown online beginning on March 16.
The Oscars represent “the best possible place to present films we shot in Italy with an award-winning actress,” Mr. Vaneri said, referring to the Web videos, which will feature Marisa Tomei, who won an Academy Award for best supporting actress. She appears along with the chef Rocco DiSpirito and the actor Dan Cortese. [NY Times via Vulture]

Jesus, who’s her agent, Tony Danza?  When you have a campaign called “Italy is served”, you don’t call an Oscar-winning actress, you get Channing Tatum to breakdance fight a jar of your new Alfredo sauce.  And DAN EFFING CORTESE?  Any agent knows, you write a contract without a No-Dan-Cortese clause, you’re practically begging to get fired. Wanna see what happened last time we let Dan Cortese do a commercial?

“Bertolli: Manga like it’s-a nine-a-teen ninety-two! *kisses fingertips, cranks Candlebox*”

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