Marky Mark eyeing Seth MacFarlane’s perverted Teddy Bear movie

Senior Editor
10.14.10 31 Comments

This isn’t the first time I’ve told you about Teddy Bear, Seth MacFarlane’s $65 million,

Mark Wahlberg — of all people — is considering the lead role in Seth MacFarlane’s Teddy Bear, a comedy about a 33 year old man whose Teddy Bear comes to life and poses problems for him as an adult when it gets in the way of a relationship with his girlfriend. The Teddy Bear is described as something that, I sh*t you not, likes to party, pick up women, smoke pot, and play video games. Note, too, that there are roles in the movie for a racist homosexual, a woman obsessed with talking about men shaving their assh*les, and a “Jewish-looking” person who makes anti-Semitic remarks. In other words: Typical MacFarlane.

“Teddy Bear”?  Why not just “Drop Dead Ted”?  Seems like the obvious choice. Anyway, if you’re in the market for a racist homosexual, there’s always Liam Neeson.  That fruit cake’s always spouting off about how much he hates N-words.  It’s always “n-word this,” and “n-word that.”  It’s like, jeez, Neeson, give it a rest, did you not get enough c*ck or something?

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