Mark Your Calendars: Live Screening of Good Burger with Kel Mitchell. Wait, what?

Few movies are as emblematic of forgotten, mid-90s badness as Good Burger, which opened the same weekend as Air Force One in 1997 as a vehicle for the stars of one of Nickelodeon’s horrible, horrible sitcoms, Kenan and Kel. If you don’t remember it, 1. consider yourself lucky. And 2., you’ll have the chance to remedy this situation this weekend at Cinefamily in LA, where this Sunday afternoon, Kel Mitchell (who, sidenote, is some kind of Christian Pastor now) will be the special guest at a barbecue/screening of what Cinefamily accurately calls, “the single greatest ’80s movie made in the mid-’90s.”

Would you like a little Good Burger with your Good Burger? Then this is your night, ‘cause we’re watching [Good Burger] and serving it up with a bounty of ground beef on the side at our all-nite back patio Burger Bar — seriously, we’re serving burgers all night! Two zany teens (Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, of Nickelodeon’s “All That” and ”Kenan And Kel”) take summer jobs at a small independent burger joint and suddenly they find themselves trying to save their thriving mom-and-pop restaurant from the encroachment of the evil corporate Mondo Burger! Of course, outrageous hijinks ensue, including spy maneuvers, insane asylum breakouts, and transvestitism — all in a film produced by a childrens’ cable network. Whaaa? YEEEAAHHH!!!
Good Burger star Kel Mitchell will be here for a Q&A after the film! [Cinefamily]

Sure, it’s cheap nostalgia, but where Limp Bizkit is confusing and sad for anyone viewing it after 2002, there’s a pleasantly-anachronistic charm to seeing Kel Mitchell croak “We’re All Dudes” with Less Than Jake as his backing band on the soundtrack to an innocuously terrible movie. Also, Abe Vigoda is hilarious in it, and I’m not even being sarcastic.

“We’re All Dudes”

Cinefamily’s Trailer

Abe Vigoda being awesome