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05.13.09 47 Comments

A fairly-certain-sounding Nikki Finke is reporting exclusively [now confirmed by Variety] that Universal has acquired the rights to a biopic about Frank Sinatra, as well as permission from the Sinatra family, with Martin Scorsese attached to direct.

“This has been a passion project for [producer] Peter Guber for a long time, and first he got together with the Sinatra Estate and then with Scorsese who’s also a huge Sinatra fan,” an insider tells me. Tina [Frank’s youngest daughter] herself has told journalists in the past that she would “trust Scorsese implicitly” to “present the truth” about her father because he’s also an Italian-American.

And the best part about it is that it probably torpedoes any shot Brett Ratner had at making the Rat Pack movie he had planned with Chris Tucker (seriously though, that was on the table at one point).  Wow, a movie about Sinatra from the guy who did Goodfellas?  Can you imagine?  I think I just wopgasmed.  Can’t stop… gesturing at crotch…

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