Marvel getting into the short-films market?

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06.21.10 22 Comments

A while back, CHUD reported that Marvel was meeting with directors about smaller-scale movie adaptations of some of their second-tier characters (Really? Thor isn’t already second-tier enough for you?). We don’t know if the two stories are related yet, but today, Latino Review reports that Marvel wants to make short films starring the lesser characters to play before the movies about the major ones, the idea being to get a feel for which could carry full-length features down the line.  Hey, you know what would’ve been awesome?  If someone had done this for Marmaduke before they dropped $50 mil on it.  “Wow, everyone seems to hate this,” they might have noticed.

Got a scoop from a well trusted source that Marvel/Disney are looking at doing 10 minute short films in front of their feature length movies that will introduce secondary characters like Black Panther, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, etc.  File this scoop under ‘rumor’ for now until we can try and get more information on it.

I’m all for more short films because if a short film ends up sucking, you’ve wasted far less time.  And honestly, they seem to have a higher percentage of not sucking than full-length features.  I’m also interested to see how a major studio will handle something that’s long been the realm of artsy, independent producers. I can’t wait to see Luke Cage reimagined as a sad clown, silently flipping pancakes, or Wonder Woman as a sullen French chick with a really huge bush.  Wait, does Wonder Woman not qualify as a second-tier character?  What’s that?  She was also a DC comic?  Sorry.  I must’ve been busy not being a giant dork.

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