Matthew McConaughey Has Made It Cool To Wear Fanny Packs Again

Fact: Matthew McConaughey could step onto a red carpet wearing a tuxedo made of mesh and a codpiece with his initials bedazzled on it, and the next day guys across America would be placing orders. That’s how cool the Interstellar star is right now, and he proved it on a far less ridiculous scale at Fenway Park yesterday, when he took in a Boston Red Sox game with his son while sporting the classic fanny pack. But instead of trying to make excuses or play it off like his wife made him wear it, McConaughey not only owned the fanny pack with the coolest confidence in the world, but he had me instantly wondering if Zappos had any on sale.

“I’m not afraid of the fanny pack,” McConaughey explained, adding, “You gotta kind of put in on the side to make it look a little not as nerdy, but still, practicality wins out.” Somewhere, there’s an Etsy shop owner whose email inbox is about to blow up with orders.

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