Matthew McConaughey was shirtless at Whole Foods

Matthew McConaughey’s snub for his work in Magic Mike was the biggest Oscar snub of the century, if not all time, but here on FilmDrunk, you can rest easy knowing that tales of Matthew McConaughey’s awesomeness will never go untold. Yesterday, Reddit hosted a wildly entertaining thread where redditors submitted their celebrity encounters for “whose [sic] the biggest asshole celebrity you’ve ever met?” Of course, not every story was about a celebrity being an asshole, because there are only so many Dustin Diamonds in the world. In fact, some are ridiculously nice, like Hugh Jackman. And then there’s Matthew McConaughey, cruising around a Whole Foods in Austin with no shirt on, alright alright alright.

Was in Whole Foods in Austin and Matthew McConaughey was there. We had talked for a minute when somebody from the store came up and said he had to put a shirt on or leave. I was wearing a hoodie over my tee, so I gave that to him. He thanked me and checked out just ahead of me. He then left with with my hoodie.

About 16 months later, I’m at a party in Malibu and McConaughey is also there. I eventually end up talking to him and tell him (half-jokingly) I want my damned hoodie back. He just laughs and I can’t tell if he remembers or not. He leaves the party but is back in 5 minutes with my sweatshirt. It was in his truck. [source – thanks, Mark]

I like how the story starts with the submitter having a pleasant chat with McConaughey, and only later does it reveal that McConaughey has been shirtless the entire time. Because Matthew McConaughey being shirtless in a grocery store is just something you assume. It is, actually, that’s solid writing.

“Hey, man, here’s yer sweater back. And sorry about the smell, pardner, ol’ Shep’s been usin’ it as a blanket since we drove back from Maverick’s. I think he likes you, man, ha ha. Hey, you want a beer?” (*pulls out can of Miller High Life*)

“Dude, was that in your pocket?”