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10.10.08 47 Comments

Either Hollywood Reporter is wrong or there’s some weirdness going on with Max Payne‘s rating.  Last week I reported on director John Moore’s bitching about trying to get a PG-13 and subsequent flip flop.  Today, Payne’s official website went live with “This film is not yet rated” on the main page and PG-13 listed in the About section.  Meanwhile, THR‘s ratings from last week list it as R, while the MPAA still has it as PG-13.

I’m still waiting to hear back from them, but my sense is that THR made a mistake.  Keep in mind that the studio behind Max Payne is Fox, and Fox is retarded.  It would be just like the company behind Babylon A.D. to figure a movie with R-rated appeal like Max Payne could reach a wider audience if they just took out half the stuff people liked in the first place.  “If you love titties, you’ll tolerate chicks in bikinis!”

Fox: Retarded like a fox.  That should be their slogan.  Also note: anything with “Babylon” in the title becomes 1000% cooler when you change it to “Baby Lawn”.

UPDATE:  Got confirmation from Hollywood Reporter that they made a mistake.  Though the real mistake was making a Max Payne movie PG-13.

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