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Layer Cake (awesome movie) director Matthew Vaughn is currently working on an adaptation of Kick Ass, a Mark Millar comic book that even a diehard picture book-hater like myself must admit sounds like it might be cool.  Vaughn recently added McLovin aka Christopher Mintz-Plasse to the cast.

  Christopher Mintz-Plasse is in negotiations, while Chloe Moretz has been cast in the film, whose violent nature has forced Hollywood studios to pass on making it. Vaughn, however, is such a believer in the project that he raised the money for the $30 million indie project himself.
  "Kick-Ass," written by Millar and drawn by John Romita Jr., follows a high school dweeb who attempts to reinvent himself as a real-world costumed superhero named Kick-Ass who seems doomed to failure because he’s not athletic or coordinated until he runs into real bad guys with real weapons.
  The comic is ultraviolent, with kids taking on adults of all stripes. Moretz’s character, for example, is a ferocious, potty-mouthed 11-year-old who chops down crime thugs with a ninja sword. Mintz-Plasse will play the Red Mist, the angry teen son of a mobster who tries to uncover Kick-Ass’ identity.

I hate when they throw around sums like $30 million and say "He raised the money himself."  What the hell does that mean?  He held a bake sale?  Harvested organs from poor people?  What kind of reporting is this?

Vaughn first brought the project to Sony, which distributed his "Layer Cake," but the studio balked at the violence, which he refused to tone down. Several other studios expressed interest but demanded that the protagonists’ ages be upped. Vaughn, who most recently co-wrote and directed the international hit "Stardust," now is going it alone. [THR]

Pfff.  Why you gotta make the characters older?  They said the same thing about my homage to Russ Meyer set in a middle school, Thick Ass.  I mean, sure my protagonist was 13, but I think I went to geat pains to illustrate that she was very mature for her age.     

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